1. Introduction


The Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended by the Planning and Compensation Act 1991 and the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004,  requires local planning authorities to prepare and keep up to date development plans which set out their policies and proposals for the control of development and other use of land in their area.  The planning system is ‘Plan-led’ and, under this, decisions on planning applications must be made in accordance with the provisions of the development plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.


In North Kesteven the development plan is made up of:

  • The Regional Spatial Strategy for the East Midlands (RSS8) (formerly Regional Planning Guidance (RPG8) - providing a broad development and planning strategy and policies for the East Midlands Region, with the overall objective of contributing to the achievement of sustainable development.
  • The Lincolnshire Structure Plan - dealing with broad strategic issues such as the distribution of population, employment growth and housing provision. Policies within a Structure Plan use general terms and do not refer to specific sites or locations.
  • The Lincolnshire Minerals Local Plan - setting out detailed policies and proposals to provide for the supply of minerals and to ensure proper environmental protection.
  • The Lincolnshire Waste Local Plan - setting out detailed policies for the management and disposal of waste.
  • The North Kesteven Local Plan - amplifying the broad framework of the Structure Plan by setting out detailed policies and proposals for the development of the District over a 20-year period. The Local Plan identifies land for new housing and employment development, and acts as a guide for most day-to-day planning decisions.

In order to secure consistency of approach to planning decisions, the Government, through national and regional policy, sets a broad strategic framework for land use and development which needs to be considered in the preparation of development plans.  Development plan policy should implement national and regional policy at local level. The Local Plan has been prepared within this national, regional and strategic planning framework.  It has been prepared having regard to central Government Planning Policy and the Regional Spatial Strategy for the East Midlands (RSS8) which outlines the broad overarching principles for planning at UK and regional level. National planning policy is set out in Planning Policy Guidance notes (PPGs) which are being updated and replaced by Planning Policy Statements (PPSs).


At the regional level, policy expressed in Regional Planning Guidance (RPG) has now been replaced by Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS). Following the enactment of the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, Regional Spatial Strategies have become part of the statutory development plan. Following the provisions of the new Act all statutory planning documents must now be in general conformity with RSS policies.  RPG8 for the East Midlands was published in 2002, covering the period to 2021, and contained the strategic housing requirement figures for Lincolnshire. A partial review of RPG8 was undertaken, being finalised and published by the Regional Government Office in 2005 as RSS8 for the East Midlands, covering the period 2001 to 2021, although the strategic housing requirement was not part of the review.    RPG8 (January 2002) was therefore replaced by and became RSS8 (March 2005).  However, the County housing provision figures in the 2002 version of RPG8 remain current, and are repeated in RSS8 (2005). RSS8 does not review the housing provision figures, which will be examined as part of the next RSS review.


At the sub-regional County level, the Local Plan is also informed by the Lincolnshire Structure Plan which proposes the broad strategic issues, including housing provision figures and employment provision within Lincolnshire.  The Local Plan is set within the higher level strategic framework provided by the Structure Plan and is required to be in general conformity with it.  Lincolnshire County Council prepared, reviewed and then adopted the Lincolnshire Structure Plan in September 2006, which covers the period 2001 to 2021.


As a Local Plan under preparation on commencement of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, this North Kesteven Local Plan will be saved for a period of three years from adoption.

The form of the Plan


The Local Plan comprises a Written Statement and Proposals Map. The Written Statement contains the policies and proposals in bold italic type to distinguish them from the rest of the text. They are followed by a justification explaining the reasons for the policy or proposal. The policies and proposals that affect a particular site or areas are illustrated on the Proposals Map, which covers the whole District. Where more detail is required, larger scale Inset Maps have been prepared.


Several supporting documents are published with the Local Plan, namely

  • A sustainability appraisal – demonstrating that environmental issues have been taken properly into account.
  • A housing capacity study – examining the potential for new homes to be provided by the redevelopment of previously-developed land and buildings within settlement curtilages.
  • A strategic flood risk assessment – examining flood risk issues, and their implications for the suitability of parts of the District to be developed.
  • Housing and employment land papers – explaining in more detail the reasons behind the Plan’s housing and employment land allocations.

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