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Core Polices

C1 Development Within Settlement Curtilages
C2 Development In The Countryside
C3 Agricultural Land Quality
C4 Infrastructure Provision By Developers
C5 Effects Upon Amenities
C6 Community Safety
C7 Comprehensive Development
C8 Safeguarding Allocated Sites
C9 Washlands
C10 Flood Risk
C11 Pollution
C12 Contaminated Land
C13 Unstable Land
C14 Surface Water Disposal
C15 Water Supply
C16 Sewage Disposal
C17 Renewable Energy
C18 Design
C19 Landscaping
C20 Accessibility
C21 Energy Efficiency
C22 External Lighting Schemes


H1 Housing
H2 Design And Layout Of Residential Development
H3 Density
H4 Public Open Space Provision In New Residential Developments
H5 Affordable Housing
H6 Affordable Housing On Rural Exceptions Sites
H7 Residential Development In Settlements That Do Not Have A Curtilage Line
H8 Residential Development And Environmental Problems
H9 Gypsy Sites

The Economy

E1 Employment Development Sites
E2 Decoy Farm Business Park
E3 Major Office Development
E4 Employment Development In The Countryside
E5 Conversion Of Buildings In The Countryside To Non-residential Use
E6 Farm Diversification
E7 Protection Of Existing Employment Sites Or Buildings
E8 Transport Depots / Haulage Businesses
E9 Telecommunications Developments
E10 Hazardous Installations And Substances


R1 Retail And Town Centre Development
R2 Mixing Uses Within Sleaford Town Centre
R3 Safeguarding Of Existing Facilities
R4 Advertisements
R5 Security Grilles And Shutters


T1 Accessibility To Developments
T2 Public Transport Facilities
T3 Maximizing Travel Choice
T4 Safety
T5 Parking Provision
T6 Roadside Services

Recreation, Sport and Tourism

RST1 Protecting Existing Recreational Open Space And Built Sports Facilities
RST2 Protection Of Existing Public Rights Of Way
RST3 Local Recreational Facilities
RST4 Public Access To The Countryside
RST5 Golf Courses
RST6 Noisy Sports
RST7 River Slea Navigation Corridor
RST8 Holiday Caravan And Camping Sites

Development in the Countryside

DC1 Agricultural Or Forestry Development
DC2 Agricultural And Forestry Workers’ Dwellings And Dwellings Associated With Rural Based Enterprises
DC3 Removal Of An Occupancy Condition
DC4 New Housing In The Countryside
DC5 Replacement Dwellings In The Countryside
DC6 Conversion Of Buildings In The Countryside To Residential Use
DC7 Development Involving Horses
DC8 Advertisements And Advance Directional Signs In The Countryside

Landscape and Wildlife

LW1 Landscape Conservation
LW2 Green Wedges
LW3 Visual Amenity Areas
LW4 Trees Of Significant Amenity Value
LW5 Sites Of Special Scientific Interest
LW6 County Wildlife Sites And Local Nature Reserves
LW7 Features Of Importance For Wildlife
LW8 Protected Species

The Historic Environment

HE1 Sites Containing Nationally Important Archaeological Remains
HE2 Archaeological Assessment And Evaluation
HE3 Sites Containing Archaeological Remains
HE4 Demolition Of A Listed Building
HE5 Development Affecting The Setting Of A Listed Building
HE6 Extension, Alteration Or Change Of Use Of A Listed Building
HE7 Development In A Conservation Area
HE8 Demolition Within A Conservation Area
HE9 Historic Parks And Gardens
HE10 Local Distinctiveness
HE11 Advertisements In Conservation Areas, On Listed Buildings And On Scheduled Ancient Monuments

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